Instagram is Now Augmented Reality’s Biggest Retail Platform

Alexis Macklin, Research Manager Advertising, Apps & Games, Augmented Reality, Augmented Reality Intelligence Service, Imaging & Video, Insight Articles, Media & Entertainment, Software

As part of its annual developer conference, Facebook announced a major update to its Spark AR platform at F8: Developers will now be able to create AR content for Messenger and Instagram. The little-discussed expansion would, for the first time, create an outlet to Instagram for third-party developers. With over a billion monthly active users (MAUs), Instagram does not have … Read More

Immersive Product Marketing Solutions 2019

RealityCheck: Immersive Product Marketing Solutions 2019 As part of its RealityCheck series of syndicated research, Greenlight Insights offers a first-of-its-kind analysis of established solutions providers of xR-enabled product marketing, examining core proficiencies across different use cases, in order to aid IT buyers and strategists to determine the ideal product for their particular needs. Release Date: April 5, 2019 $4,500.00Add to … Read More

The Amazing Race: How Stakeholders are Readying xR Platforms for Mass Adoption

J.C. Kuang, Analyst Augmented Reality, Augmented Reality Intelligence Service, Head-Mounted Displays, Insight Articles, Software, Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality Intelligence Service

The importance of platforms, defined here as centralized groups of apps, first-party services, operating systems, and hardware, cannot be overstated in evaluating the progress of companies driving the next wave of xR adoption. Many major companies in the VR and AR space have begun 2019 by making important advances in the race to build a complete and compelling platform for … Read More

Matterport Raises Series D Funding To Expand 3D Model Database

Chelsea Mercer, Analyst Client-Only, Enterprise Transformation, Enterprise xR Intelligence Service, Insight Articles, Software, Virtual Reality

Immersive technology company Matterport, announced a Series D funding total of $48M on March 5th. Investment firms DCM Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, and Lux Capital led this funding round, which will enable the expansion of Matterport’s database of 3D scenes and models, and improve the accuracy of its 3D capture technology, by refining its AI engine that converts 2D images into … Read More

New ISV solutions provide virtual reality simulation for autonomous driving market

Clifton Dawson, Principal Analyst Enterprise Transformation, Enterprise xR Intelligence Service, Insight Articles, Software, Virtual Reality

Autonomous driving is projected to transform the transportation sector. In the wake of this transformation, solution providers of all kinds are rushing to introduced new products and services that help auto manufacturers with their speed to market. One set of solution providers, independent software vendor (ISVs) are increasingly looking at virtual reality-enabled solutions to solving many of the simulation problems … Read More

Greenlight Insights Says Enterprise Hardware & Application Software Spending Is Leading VR Market Growth in China

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With a 5-year growth rate of 6.9%, China’s economy is currently outpacing the world and is projected to reach $19.9 trillion by 2022. With China’s government focused on supporting hyper-growth sectors, such as virtual and augmented reality, with accelerated 5G infrastructure and political directives, such as the National Education Planning in the 13th Five Year Plan, it is important to assess, “Is … Read More