Virtual Reality 2017 TrendPack

Virtual Reality 2017 TrendPack

Now Available: Virtual Reality 2017 TrendPack Greenlight Insights’ Virtual Reality 2017 TrendPack gives you everything you need to leverage the latest data and analysis for virtual reality. Learn how changing consumer attitudes about virtual reality open up new commercial opportunities. Understand why virtual reality content now requires a strategy for out-of-home distribution. Look ahead through 2021 with our worldwide head-mounted … Read More

Reaching VR Consumers Abroad: Internet Cafes in China

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Greenlighting China

Natalie Yue is a financial analyst with Greenlight Insights. In addition to building complex business and analytical models, Natalie covers emerging VR/AR trends developing in Asia-Pacific. 20 years ago, a billboard in central Beijing read, “How far are you from the information highway? Northward: 1.5km.” The billboard was advertising China’s first internet cafe and signaled the opening of the internet for Chinese … Read More

Standalone Virtual Reality HMDs Expected to Grow at 42% Five-Year CAGR

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In a new Virtual Reality Industry Report, Greenlight Insights offers 5-year market forecasts, industry analysis, and a summary of Facebook, Google, Microsoft, HTC, Valve, and Sony. SAN FRANCISCO, November 20, 2017 — According to Greenlight Insights, the Global Virtual Reality (VR) Standalone headset market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 42.0% during the forecast period. The introduction of several … Read More

Oculus vs. Daydream: The Battle For The Fast-Casual VR Market Heats Up

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Oculus Go vs. Google Daydream

Oculus has shaken the market after its announcement at OC4 of it’s standalone VR headset, named Oculus Go. It’s clear that Oculus and Facebook are ramping up their VR efforts to compete with Daydream, but how will the race end? Oculus Go: The New Standard The Go is being marketed as an onboarding device for casual users. Its non-intimidating tether-free … Read More

2017 Virtual Reality Industry Report, Spring Edition

New Virtual Reality Industry Report, Fall 2017

A newer version of this research is available: 2020 Virtual Reality Industry Report 2017 Virtual Reality Industry Report, Fall Update The 2017 Virtual Reality Industry Report offers insight at the global level, highlighting the key macro and micro trends faced by companies in the virtual reality technology and related industries. $1,995.00 $995.00Add to cartAvailable: November 2017 Research, Data & Analysis … Read More