Jesse Schell Opens the 2016 Virtual Reality Analytics Web Summit with Bold Predictions

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Video recording will soon become available for purchase from the first edition of the Virtual Reality Analytics Web Summit by Greenlight VR, which took place March 15-16 in San Francisco and online. At the conference, we saw that industry leaders were in general agreement that major progress has been made among all the stakeholders in “virtual reality analytics.” Many speed … Read More

Telemetry Tracking Software To Pave the Way At 2016 Virtual Reality Analytics Web Summit

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As we approach the 2016 Virtual Reality Analytics Web Summit, new and exciting platforms emerge to map a user’s experience within an HMD. That is why CognitiveVR will be there on March 16th to showcase their new telemetry tracking software. Source: CognitiveVR   “CognitiveVR’s analytics platform allows developers to leverage spatial telemetry data to better understand user engagement within their … Read More

(Most Of) What You Need To Know About Virtual Reality In One Report

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Greenlight VR’s second industry report is co-authored with leading VR news site, Road to VR, and provides industry forecasts, analysis, and best practices. SAN FRANCISCO, CA, January 18, 2016 – Greenlight VR and Road to VR today unveil plans to publish the 2016 VIRTUAL REALITY INDUSTRY REPORT, the 2nd edition of Greenlight VR’s annual report providing a comprehensive perspective on … Read More

Greenlight Report, Issue 25: Google Gets A New Virtual Reality Boss

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Is Goldman Sachs right about its predictions about the AR/VR market? Why is CNET launching a virtual reality television network? These are a few topics we tackled this week, aggregated into the Greenlight Report newsletter. Click the image below to read the full issue. *********** Subscribe to Greenlight Report (free) to get it news and analysis in your inbox during its … Read More