Vive Enterprise Solutions Reinforce HTC’s Business Practice

Chelsea Mercer, Analyst Enterprise Transformation, Enterprise xR Intelligence Service, Insight Articles, Software, Virtual Reality

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On July 1st, HTC announced VIVE Enterprise Solutions, a new business unit that focuses on delivering services to businesses and developers. HTC will now provide professional services, business solutions, and support along with hardware and software solutions centered around four major categories: training and simulation, design and visualization, virtual collaboration, and location-based entertainment. 

Hardware such as the Focus will form the backbone of Vive enterprise solutions. Image courtesy HTC.

The new business unit is the result of collaboration and feedback from companies of all sizes. By providing companies with xR solutions, HTC intends to gain market share within the industries in these sectors. With virtual reality ramping up in enterprise sectors such as healthcare, military, training, and others, HTC is increasing its efforts to have a seat at the table as businesses make decisions regarding xR tech and apps. 

Critical Guidance

HTC has become an established player in the virtual reality market with the VIVE platform. Last year, HTC sold approximately 600,000 HMDs, following Oculus with approximately 900,000 total units sold, according to recent reports. In terms of revenue, HTC has outperformed Oculus. Many VIVE HMDs were purchased by enterprise companies, as VIVE headsets are not priced competitively for the consumer market. 

Oculus has previously pursued enterprise customers as well. However, Oculus is positioned strongly as an entertainment solution (especially following the release of the Quest headset). Facebook’s recent announcement of investments in exclusive gaming content, also points out the direction Oculus is headed; the consumer market. It is therefore likely that Oculus is focused on preserving its position as a leader in the consumer market for HMDs, enabling HTC to lead the enterprise market.  

VIVE Enterprise Solutions is an opportunity for HTC to build a better ecosystem for the enterprise industry, one that will attract and engage content developers working on enterprise-oriented applications. This new business unit clearly distinguishes HTC’s goals and position in the enterprise industry and has the potential to place the company on the forefront for enterprise HMDs.